Bosch DareDevil Spade Bit 6" Long 1/4" Hex Shank

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Bosch Daredevil® spade bits deliver drilling performance that is up to 10X faster than conventional spade bits. The bit has a fully threaded tip that pulls it through the wood, offering best-in-class speed through 2x4s. The contoured-paddle design on each Daredevil spade bit clears chips efficiently for faster and cleaner holes, making them ideal for running conduit or pipe. The hex shank with power groove reduces bit slippage in the drill and makes it suitable for use with a variety of drill types, including impact drills. Do not use in drill press.


  • Speed drilling – designed to deliver the fastest wood drilling performance possible for a spade bit, up to 10X faster than conventional spade bits with clean hole entry and angled cutting edges for reduced blowout
  • Fully threaded tip – delivers outstanding speed through 2x4s by pulling the bit through the wood
  • Contoured paddle design – improves speed with faster chip removal
  • Spur-and-reamer tips – provides cleaner holes by pre-cutting the wood
  • Hex shank – improves bit grip and allows use with a variety of drill types
  • Designed for wood drilling – made to drill clean holes in 2x4s
  • Premium bit material – combined with innovation for great performance and life
  • 1/4" quick change hex shank
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