Maximize your Maxidiscs! All the facts on your favorite Flap Discs!

Since so many of you seem to be fans of Pearl Abrasive’s Maxidiscs we thought we would post some extra information on them. Below you’ll find everything you need to decide exactly which Maxi is right for you - and you may even discover a new application for the Maxi’s that are already near and dear to your heart.

                Make sure to check out the new Ceramic Redline CBT Maxidiscs! The just got added today and they’re a brand new Pearl product for 2013. Here’s a link to one:

Pearl Abrasive T-29 Ceramic Redline CBT Maxidisc for Metal and Stainless Steel 10ct Case CBT40, CBT60 or CBT80 Grit 4 1/2 x 7/8 

Application Chart

Materials Chart

Flexibility Chart

Grit Chart

Full 2013 Pearl Abrasive Catalog

Mar 25th 2013

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