Pearl Abrasive Diamond Segmented Pad Hexplate Attachment Holder for 15 inch plate HEX4HLDR

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Diamond Segmented Pads Attachment: Specially designed to be used on the 15" Hexplate™, they are made with an overall Larger Grinding/Sanding area which increases production. When attached to the 15" Hexplate™, the new and improved Diamond Segmented Pads extend past the edge of the plate allowing the operator to GRIND OR SAND RIGHT UP TO THE EDGE OF THE WALL.

All Pearl’s diamond segmented pad attachments are engineered with an overall larger grinding surface area than the competition. This extends the life and improves the all-around grinding speed and performance. Can be Used Wet or Dry on Concrete Surfaces for Grinding and Coating Removal.

20% More Grinding Area than the Competition:

  • Use with your standard Hexpin® plates & block
  • Faster and more aggressive grinding
  • Wide diamond segments mean longer life
  • Easily removes trowel marks
  • Smoothes rough finishes
  • Provides texture to slippery surfaces
  • Prepares concrete surfaces for coatings
  • Removes sealers and bond breaker coatings

Pad Holder Only- Includes Springs, Nuts and Washers for Diamond Segmented Pads 

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