Pearl Abrasive P4 Crack Chaser Blade 4 x M10 x .125 V904

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P4 Crack Chaser Blade: Specially designed for Cleaning, Routing and Repairing of Cracks in Concrete and most other building materials.

The Crack-Chaser™ has been engineered to quickly sink into cracks and crevices. Simply place the wheel on the crack and let the diamonds do the work. The special design enables the Crack-Chaser™ to produce a 1/2” wide 70° V-shaped groove. This has proven to be the most effective configuration for re-caulking and re-filling.

Using Pearl’s unique Direct Sintering Technology (DST™) the Crack-Chaser™ is manufactured so that the diamond matrix is molecularly bonded directly to the core. Because there are no segments to fly off the Crack-Chaser™ is the safest, most effective product for re-routing cracks and crevices.

Max RPM: 13,700

4 x M10 x .125

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