Pearl Abrasive T-1 SRT Contaminant Free Hi-Speed Cut Off Wheel for Gas Powered Saws 10ct Case SRT36 Grit 16 x 5/32 x 1 CW1630SR

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SRT T-1 Contaminant Free Cut Off Wheel: Hi-Speed Cut Off Wheel specially designed to be used with Gas Powered Saws and on Ferrous Metals, Iron, Steel and Other High Tensile Alloys.


Synthetic Resinoid Technology: A unique Pearl Abrasive exclusive grain which allows for superior abrasive performance and gets as much as 40% increased grinding efficiency. Great for Stainless Steel.

Each wheel is fully reinforced and designed for long life and fast cutting performance. The Slimcut Cut-Off Wheels from Pearl are ideal for the following

Engineered grain: Most abrasive products are manufactured using the traditional trial and error method of bond development. SRT™ grain has been engineered to last longer and consistently produce the highest quality finish of any product on the market today.

Binding element: The proprietary bonding agents used to produce SRT™ products give the SRT™ grain its unique color, as well as providing more strength and durability to the wheels. This in turn lessens the vibration the operator feels and improves the overall efficiency of the product.

Heat buildup: Heat buildup causes an undesirable finish. SRT™ products have been engineered to run considerably cooler than competitive products in the field. Better heat disbursement increases the performance as well as the appearance of the completed work.

Non-contaminating:  Pearl's SRT™ grains are harder than other abrasive grains therefore they can penetrate and cut even the hardest materials such as stainless steel without contamination. (Except SRT™ Cut-off wheels)

Superior quality finish: Pearl's SRT™ grains remain consistently sharp thus enabling the wheel to produce a consistent finish with increased grinding efficiency.

Max RPM- 3,800

10ct Case SRT36 Grit 16 x 5/32 x 1

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