Pearl Abrasive T-27 Aluminum Oxide Silver Line Maxidisc Flapdisc 10ct Case A40, A60, A80 or A120 Grit 4 x 5/8 MX4040T, MX4060T, MX4080T, MX4120T

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MX4040T, MX4060T, MX4080T, MX4120T
MX4040T, MX4060T, MX4080T, MX4120T
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Aluminum Oxide Silver Line


Pearl Abrasive uses only the best abrasive grains and backing material for Maxidiscs™. They only use 100% polyester or a combination of polyester/cotton, NEVER PAPER. Pearl’s unique way of embedding the grains to a durable polyester or polyester/cotton backing results in a construction that provides superior performance and life.


Features and Specifications:


Aluminum Oxide: Premium Blue-fired, Friable Aluminum Oxide with active grinding agent. The wedge shape of this tough grain is made for long life and stock removal. The cutting edges work great for grinding and cutting:


  • Ferrous metals.
  • Iron.
  • Steel.


Use Type 27 Maxidiscs™ for smooth grinding, blending and increased flexibility.


4 x 5/8 inches, available in A40, A60, A80 or A120 Grit 10ct Case Qtys


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