Pearl Abrasive

Pearl Abrasive T-27 Aluminum Oxide Slimcut 45 Plus Thin Cut Off Wheel 25ct Case A46 Grit 5 x .045 x 7/8 DCWPL05A

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Each wheel is fully reinforced and designed for long life and fast cutting performance.

T-27 Aluminum Oxide Slimcut 45 Plus Thin Cut Off Wheel: Specially designed for use on Ferrous Metals, Iron, Steel, Non-Ferrous, Sheet Metals, Copper and Stainless Steel.

Pearl’s depressed center grinding wheels are especially well suited for grinding, weld dressing and deburring. Pearl depressed center wheels are engineered for aggressive stock removal and extra long life. All wheels are fully reinforced and meet or exceed US/Canada safety standards and specifications.

Aluminum Oxide: Premium Blue-fired, Friable Aluminum Oxide with active grinding agent. The wedge shape of this tough grain is made for long life and stock removal. The cutting edges work great for grinding and cutting:

  • Ferrous metals
  • Iron
  • Steel

Use Type 27 discs for smooth grinding, blending and increased flexibility.

Max RPM- 12,200

25ct Case A46 Grit 5 x .045 x 7/8

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