Start your Holiday Shopping Here!

With all the campaigning and the election finally behind us, thank God, there leaves only a few big events for the rest of the year. The holidays!

     I have been working my poor little fingers to the bone to add some new and, in my opinion, exciting products to our website to help you with your holiday shopping. 

     Some of the gift ideas are practical, like the  Heatmax Heated Socks , and some are just plain fun, like the United Cutlery Radio Controlled Amphibious Tank!

     In addition to this new Holiday Gift Ideas category, don't forget to take advantage of our Fall Specials section before the end of the year.

     That's all folks. I kept it short and sweet this time so use the time I saved you in reading this to get your holiday shopping started!


Happy shopping everyone!

Ernie's Tools & Specialty Co.

Nov 9th 2012

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